Who we are

The Friends of Westfield is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the support of Westfield Heritage Village.

We encourage volunteers to assist in the development and operation of Westfield.

We also provide positive social, economic and physical support for Hamilton Conservation Authority projects, programs and activities.

The Bandstand at Westfield Heritage Village

What we do

The Friends of Westfield support the village primarily through fundraising for needs at the village.

Historically, the Friends have supported
numerous building restorations, the Locomotive 103 restoration, funding the Village Green Bandstand construction and funded equipment purchases so volunteer maintenance and restoration crews can do their very important work.

At Westfield Heritage Village, we operate the Gift Shop (also available online). We also host numerous fundraising events.


Gift shop

The Gift Shop at Westfield Heritage Village is operated by the Friends of Westfield Village Inc.

A dedicated team of volunteers attend trade shows, unpack and display merchandise for sale and open the gift shop to the pubic during Westfield events.

All proceeds from the gift shop directly support Westfield Heritage Village.